Windows 8.1 users: Download latest version by June 10 to continue getting patches

Did you update to the latest version  of Windows 8.1 software?  Microsoft is giving all users in till June 10 to update the software.  What happens if I don’t update the software?  You’ll no longer receive the security patches that Microsoft is providing.  Your technology devices will be susceptible to malware and the computers will become not healthy.

“Windows 8.1 users will get another month of security patches before they have to update to the latest version.  Microsoft had previously planned to stop patching Windows 8.1 for consumers who hadn’t installed April’s Windows 8.1 Update. Now, Microsoft has pushed the cut-off date back to June 10. (Business users have until August 12.)  To be clear, users of Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista will continue to get security patches. The update requirement only applies to Windows 8.1 users, who need to download the update that Microsoft delivered in April. Most Windows 8.1 users should have received this update automatically, but some users may have disabled automatic updates and could still be running an older version of Windows 8.1.” (PC World)

For more information and learn how to install and update the Windows 8.1 software, please contact Cohen Electronics at 323-380-5612.  You may email us at or visit our website at


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