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  • On-site servers

  • Moving servers to our
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Cohen Electronics, have been installing/replacing and moving servers for the last decade.
  • Has 24/7 Security

  • Is kept at proper

Our Data Centeris a great solution for companies who cannot do have the space to house a server onsite. Or for those who want virtual access to their files anywhere in the world:
The steps to identifying the best solution happen when we are able to run a "network efficiency assessment". We are happy to visit your office, take a look at your current servers, and make some recommendations on either Local server replacement/upgrade or create a Virtual server environment.

Specialists in Server and Server Room Designs:

Cohen Electronics, maintains the highest Standards for Computer Servers and the rooms they reside in. Don’t like to see all the wires, what about the VOIP phones, are they connected to your internet and server? These are some of the questions you need to address when designing a server room.
Standard procedures for Server rooms are:
  • Identifying the General space characteristics
  • Understand the mechanical systems required ie: AC or future growth
  • Electrical System review, capacity and quality of power, and emergency planning
  • Alarms and Security, room must have some monitoring or alarm in case of floods, fire etc. Also security is required, not everyone has access to the server room
We come out review your current situation and prepare you for either a move, or just an efficiency improvement. When your systems are cool and happy, they function so much better.
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