Enterprise Software Gets a Consumer Makeover

“Kona’s ease of use intrigued Blair. ‘I don’t take tutorials or review feature sets,’ she says. ‘I’m of the mind that, if I can’t use it right away, then no one else will.’  ECOM Engineering previously relied on email for project collaboration, then tried Web-based tools such as Basecamp, Google groups, Nig.com and Facebook. ‘I had no success in getting adoption with the groups I manage,’  Blair recalls. ‘Kona is the first tool that people have actually latched on to.'” (CIO Business Technology Leadership, John Moore, Pg. 20)

Cohen Electronics, LLC not only provides tutorials but offers hand picked qualified engineers to come out and serve your business on a daily basis.  No one should have any frustrations like Blair in the caption above to try and use a program and then give it up because they can’t make it work.  There is help and all one needs to do is call Cohen Electronics, LLC at 310-380-5612 and we’ll help you in any way we can.  help photo


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