Don’t buy XP patches on the Black Market

Have you thought about buying XP patches on the black market?  Stop for one second and please don’t do it.  It’s a lot easier and healthier for your computer to upgrade to the newest version of Windows 8.1 than it is buying patches on the black market.  If you buy the patches on the black market, you have no idea whether a virus could be attached to it or not.  You are opening yourself up to receiving viruses if you download any of these patches from the black market.

“Last week reports surfaced about the possibility of a developing black market for Windows XP patches. If your or your clients are still running XP, here’s some good advice: Don’t do it. Users are far better off taking the pain of upgrading to a newer version of Windows before gambling security on a black market patch.  Steven J Vaughan-Nichols, writing on Computerworld, explained that the black market may have been created because Microsoft has created a world of XP haves and have-nots.  They want you to spend it on Windows 7 or, even better, on Windows 8.1.  But I know what some of you are thinking: If there are patches out there, surely there’ll be a market for such things. And that’s precisely what Vaughan-Nichols is predicting. As soon as the first patch hits the street on May 13th, somebody is going to put it up for sale to the highest bidder. Heck, it’s entirely likely that patches will start showing up on torrent sites to download for free with the latest cineplex hit movie and the Game of Thrones.  Whatever you do, I would encourage every provider to resist the temptation and just don’t do it. You have no idea where these patches came from, if there are viruses or trojan horses attached to them, or if they will just break your system because they’re fake patches.  No matter how painful that might be, it’s not going to be nearly as painful as dealing with a patch from an unknown source and the potential problems and pitfalls that could bring. Do yourself a favor and don’t even consider it.”

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