Combating Malware

Are you using the right Anti-Virus (AV) to help keep your technology protected?  Combating malware is extremely important in order for your computers to maintain being healthy.

“Organizations that use classic signature based anti-virus (AV) software on their networks as their sole protection against infection ought to know that combating malware today requires far more sophisticated weaponry than it did several years ago.  Experts recommend a multilayer defense with traditional AV software and security that uses virus definitions as just the first layer.  What has changed these last five years is that the malware community has grown its expertise at hiding its code, thanks to the advent of polymorphic encoders.  While the legacy software is extremely efficient at countering older attacks on operating systems like Windows XP. ” (CIO)

Cohen Electronics, LLC recommends that you use Viper for Anti-Virus software.  If you are interested in installing Vipre onto your computers, please give Cohen Electronics a call at 323-380-5612, or visit our website at



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