Cloud Computing vs. Hosting Physical Servers In Your Business

We all have heard the terms cloud services and servers in business. The question is what are the distinctions between the two, and which one is right for your business? Hosted physical servers  or sometimes referred to as virtual private networks (VPN) are offsite machines that typically are owned by the business itself as an asset. […]

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Microsoft Aquires PhoneFactor

PhoneFactor simply is an additional step in a security authentication process which confirms a login through mobile phones. As of October 4th, 2012 PhoneFactor is now part of Microsoft Corp. Already having worked with Microsoft products and services since 2001 like Outlook Web Access, SharePoint and Active Directory, PhoneFactor and Microsoft are working codependently on Office 365 a […]

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VMware Virtualizes Entire Data Centers

VMware is helping businesses virtualize thier data centers by cutting costs of power and hardware. The focus of VMware now is to virtualize other IT operations such as storage and networking. VMware uses vCloud management tool to manage cloud deployments but it only deals with single consoles. As of July 2012, VMware aquired DynamicOps which […]

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